More big JBL’s

I met a very nice man who was unfortunately closing his recording studio down after 40 years of business. On the bright side, we bartered a bit and I loaded up my car with some treasures. Do these new monitors make the console look too small?

All Analog. Some Of The Time.

After rescuing a beautiful Otari MTR 10 mix down deck almost a whole year ago, I have finally had a chance to get it up to snuff and ready to work. Mixed some songs from my friend Lauren Heneise to it for a test. Sounds lovely with a nice little sheen on the high end. This also means you can do a project 100% analog at the Rec Room now if you so desire. Neat.

Peluso 22 251

Latest addition to the mic closet. We picked up a Peluso 22 251 and immediately put it to use on a load of vocal tracks as well as some acoustic and electric guitar tracks with very pleasing results.

AEA N22’s

Pretty excited to add these guys to the mic locker. Stereo pair of AEA Ribbons have been sounding great on guitars, drum sets, and vocals. The smooth high end of a classic ribbon mic, with having to crank the gain on the mic pre (and and a ton of noise) is a wonderful thing.