Rates and Services


Studio rates for any service at the Rec Room with Eric Block engineering start at $30 per hour.


Eric is happy to track and mix your project from start to finish, or any part you can use some help on. Want to cut some drums with a bunch of cool mics and vintage analog gear and then do the rest at home? Cool. Want to track all yourself then have take advantage of Eric’s experience of years of record mixing. Cool as well. We are happy to accommodate and consult.

The Rec Room can also warm up those digital tracks of yours by flying them over to our incredible MCI JH16 16 track 2 hours inch machine. Get the big sound of real tape while having the convenience of working digitally.

If you need to archive your old DA88 or ADAT tapes to a Pro Tools world, we can do that as well. Hurry up, before they turn to dust!